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Swedish School That Accepted the Most Refugees is Now a War Zone

The Värnhem School won a “Peace Prize” for accepting more refugees than any other school.  The school had always had a good reputation with trouble occurring only on rare occasions.  Today, that school is surrounded by barbed wire and large metal gates for safety.



The following story originally appeared in Expression, a Swedish newspaper.  The translation is rough and sometimes confusing.  It’s a lot like trying to talk with a liberal.


Expressen reported (translated):

Criminals who try to recruit students. Drug dealing. Big Brawl between different ethnic groups.

Värnhem School in central Malmö have suffered so many problems that the security guards and barbed wire inserted.

Welcome to school that first shut down the fights and then served the king on the banquette.

2015, Värnhem School Peace Prize for having received the highest number of newly arrived pupils in Malmö.

A year later, forced the school to close emergency for two days because of a big brawl between students.

What was it that went wrong?

Friday 18 November last year, will be a guy pissed in Värnhem school canteen. He is angry because some guys of other nationalities looked at his girl. He confronts them and soon erupts fully chaos and fights between newly arrived students from the Middle East and Afghanistan, whose relationship with the school long been tense. More rushing up the stairs to the dining room to take part in the fight. The fight spread outside the school where a student gets attacked by several people and abused so rough that the ambulance later have to drive him to the hospital.

On 11 January this year, press two security guards on the attack alarm then a sixteen year old and an age of eighteen shoved and threatened them with violence inside the school. When the police make the students resisted. The youngest of them saturate a blow to one of the policemen.

During all of last year – and up until a few weeks ago – was about thirty police reports of events occurring on or just outside the school. Everything from theft of e-readers to abuse. As late as January 19 confiscated the school’s security guards a stun gun as a seventeen student had brought with him.

After all that happened, teachers are now an alarm on your phone as soon as the fight is detected. A text message sent to a large number of teachers who run the front desk to find out where the fight takes place.


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