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The Nominations are in For The Worst Selfies

One of the worst inventions of all time is the selfie.  Or any picture placed on social media.  I really don’t need to see what your dinner looks like, especially if it looks like something a dog recycled.  Please keep them to yourselves.  The redeeming factor in the selfies located in this article is that the one taking the selfie was rewarded with instant karma.



In the mirror, you can see some creepy guy checking out her caboose.

This woman was keen to show off her outfit with a bathroom selfie but didn't seem to realise her friend was busy in the background

Her friend got caught with her pants down in the background

This otherwise cute selfie was ruined by a pet dog's bum 

A photobomb of a dog’s full moon

This girl took a very flattering photo but didn't realise her nostrils made an appearance thanks to a rogue make-up mirror

The make up mirror ruined the shot but at least she didn’t have any Klingons in her nose

This hairy father managed to hilariously photobomb his daughter's selfie with a similar pose

Dad photobombed her but at least it’s not embarrassing, right?

This woman failed to notice the rather intimate object she'd left next to the sink

In the future she might want to keep her toys somewhere else

This woman looked keen to show her curves - but was spectacularly upstaged by her pet labrador

Someone seems awfully excited

This father's selfie with his young son captured a very entertaining angle thanks to the pooping dog in the background

Never take a selfie while a dog appears to be taking a crap on your baby’s head.

One young man managed to totally upstage the women in this photo from his perch on the toilet

The king watches the action from his throne


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