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Can You Spot All 12 Soldiers in This Photo [Tough]

This is the toughest puzzles I’ve seen to date.  In this picture are 12 members of the British Household Cavalry.  This will take a while and be careful you don’t go cross eyed trying.



Here are some pictures of the cavalry to help you in your quest.

The Household Cavalry were photographed riding up the Mall, near Buckingham Palace in London, in preparation for Trooping The Colour

I love a parade

Household Cavalry Life Guards were watched riding from from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace in London

Members of the Household Cavalry - which dates back to 1660 - were photographed standing outside Buckingham Palace

A member of the Household Cavalry - the oldest and most senior regiments in the British Army - watches as one of their Scimitar tanks goes past in Iraq

Tanks a lot, guys.

The Queens Guards are charged with protecting the monarch’s residences in London as well as Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

All seven regiments of the Household Division predate the English Restoration in 1660 and have been guarding the sovereign’s palaces since the reign of King Charles II.

Ceremonial duties include the Trooping the Colour, marching on Remembrance Sunday and providing a guard for the Queen’s Birthday Parade and the State Opening of Parliament. 

Among the most notable of the regiment’s battle honours is the Battle of Waterloo, where 2,000 cavalrymen prevented about 15,000 French infantry from achieving a flanking manoeuvre against Wellington’s forces. 

Did you spot all 12? Look below for the answer.

The photograph shows a dozen soldiers from one of the British Army's most elite units camouflaged in the foliage of a forest in Brunei

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