• December 10, 2023

Ted Cruz Hasn’t Gone Away AND He Has A Plan! It Involves This!

It would appear that Ted has a plan! Maybe he and Bernie are trying to do the same thing within their own parties…influence the future administration’s cabinet! Maybe as VP?

In these past few days, it has not been made aware to the general public in an exceedingly nuanced fashion that failed candidate Ted Cruz actually won 40 of the 41 delegates in the Washington State convention over the weekend. Washington’s delegates have now promised to support the candidate who wins Tuesday’s state presidential primary at the national convention in Cleveland. But if Cruz suspended his campaign, what is the point of keeping these delegates?

“I talked to Ted Cruz’s Washington campaign chair at the end of these elections and he said, Look–we’re not going there to disrupt. We’re going there to try to influence the outcome of the Vice Presidential candidate, really he said to make sure conservative principles remain in the party platform, which really gets written at that convention. So, trying to bring Ted Cruz ideas and principles to that convention–but not try to, somehow, upend the what seems to be inevitable nomination of Donald Trump,” said Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins to reporters.

Could Cruz be trying to slide his name as a bid for the VP selection to Trump? Considering who Trump is searching after for, this would be interesting to say the least. Tell us what you think.


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