Teen Thug Who Beat a Boy With Brass Knuckles on Camera Gets What’s Coming to Him [VIDEO]

A teenager from Conway, Arkansas thought it would be “thug” to put on a pair of brass knuckles, quietly walk up behind a boy three-fourths his age and sucker punch him in the side of the head. With the video running, the teen did exactly that. He knocked the younger 12-year-old boy to the ground.


The surprise attack occurred on May 31, 2016 and involved 16-year-old Kane Millsaps who had the brass knuckles. He was caught on camera targeting the 12-year-old child in a sucker punch that left him senseless.

Now Millsaps faces up to 20 years in prison for the brutal assault…

In the video, you see Millsaps wearing brass knuckles on his left hand. Then he raises both middle fingers to the camera right before walking up behind the boy in the baseball cap and slamming him in the side of the head with a hook punch.

Immediately, the victim slumps to the ground and the thug continues to beat on him. At that point a girl off camera shouts, “Kane!”

With the other boy senseless on the ground, Millsaps continues his brutal assault. Relentlessly, he punches the younger child in the face while he is down.

Even the kid’s lawyer can’t spin it for his client.

“The video is disturbing,” Millsaps’ attorney Frank Shaw said. “It caused me, like everyone else that saw it, a good bit of discomfort.”  Imagine how the 12 year old feels.

The thug animal’s surprise attack had the 12 year old victim suffer from broken teeth, a bruised right eyes, and a cut on his neck. He could have died or been paralyzed.

Millsaps was charged as an adult due to the fact that the attack was caught on camera and showed a total lack of remorse on the part of the little animal. The kid is looking at a twenty year prison stint if convicted of first degree battery.

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