Teenager Forced to Wear Hijab Escapes Arranged Marriage and Becomes “Sugar Baby”

Just another day in the life of 25 year old Jeanemarie Almulla, everything from expensive dinners, yacht parties, designer clothes and handbags, all paid for by her “sugar daddies.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t always this easy for Jeannemarie and the lap of luxury may have never come had it not been for her mom. At the age of 17, she was sent to live with her father’s family in Abu Dhabi for seven months. She claims she was forced to wear a hijab and unable to leave the country – as a relative had confiscated her passport – and says she was due to marry a sheikh in an arranged marriage. Of course this lifestyle doesn’t come without it’s critics, but Jeanemarie considers herself a genius and pays her haters no mind.

From The Mirror:

A ‘Sugar Baby’ – who openly admits to using men for their money – has revealed how she was forced to wear a hijab as a teenager.

Jeanemarie Almulla fled an arranged marriage to a Sheik in Abu Dhabi to start a new life in the US.

Now aged 25, she enjoys an extravagant lifestyle by dating a handful of ‘Sugar Daddies’ – who take her out for dinner, pay her rent and jet her off on last minute holidays.

It’s a far cry from her earlier life when, aged 17, she was sent to live with her father’s family in Abu Dhabi for seven months.

She claims she was forced to wear a hijab and unable to leave the country – as a relative had confiscated her passport – and says she was due to marry a sheikh in an arranged marriage.

Jeanemarie says she only managed to escape her situation – and fly to the US to start a new life – after her mother intervened.

She explained: “She flew to see me and told them she was taking me to the mall and then we left and came back to America.

“I think that really shaped who I am today. Because I was forced to cover up.

“It’s a symbolism of my freedom to show my skin.”

‘Feminist’ Jeanemarie Almulla, 25, enjoys an extravagant lifestyle – thanks to men (Photo: Barcroft)

Despite openly using men for their money, Jeanemarie also describes herself as a feminist and champion of women’s rights.

She’s even written a self-help book on empowering women as well as working with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and talking at Girl Scout meetings.

Jeanemarie explained: “When I was 15 I started competing in beauty pageants and actually won Miss City Beautiful Teen and Miss Avaloq Park Teen USA.

“They ask you to have a platform. A lot of girls chose breast cancer awareness, animal rights. I chose learning how to love yourself.

Jeanemarie has three Sugar Daddies on the go at the moment (Photo: Barcroft)

“I started this organisation called Empowering Young Girls and I write a book that I give to Girl Scouts, called Footsteps of Confidence.”

The ‘Sugar Baby’ – who speaks three languages and has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations – doesn’t see any conflict of interests between her lifestyle and her work with women.

“Being a ‘Sugar Baby’ is just knowing that you are valuable.”

Jeanemarie says “a lot of the time sex isn’t involved” (Photo: Barcroft)

And Jeanemarie says it’s not just about sex and that many of the ‘Daddies’ simply want to talk.

Jeanemarie said: “These guys don’t want sex; if they did, they would go to an escort or a prostitute. They want conversation, they want someone that they can go to dinner with.

“Why shouldn’t they help you? A lot of people confuse it with prostitution.

“A prostitute is someone who shows up, does a job, takes money and leaves.

Her life now is a far cry from when she was forced to wear a hijab (Photo: Barcroft)

“A ‘Sugar Baby’ is nothing like that, a lot of the time sex isn’t involved, it’s not expected.

“You just have a friend who helps around and takes care of you.

“You go to nice dinners and you go on private planes and you go on yachts, you go to cool parties and you have awesome designer bags and it’s fun.

“I have never paid for a drink, I never will. O.P.M – other people’s money.

Jeanemarie says she has never paid for a drink herself (Photo: Barcroft)

“I know what it’s like to have nothing. I have lived in my car. When I first got to Miami, I came here with nothing.

“I’ve lived in Lebanon and got to teach Palestinian refugees English for a non-government organisation.

“So to now be able to sit in my Jacuzzi and look at the beautiful scenery, is like a dream come true.”

Jeanemarie found success through competing in beauty pageants (Photo: Barcroft)

Jeanemarie first considered becoming a ‘Sugar Baby’ in 2015 after splitting with her husband.

But when friends first introduced her to sugaring website seekingarrangement.com , Jeanemarie had her reservations.

She explained: “At first I was like, honestly I’m not going to do this, I don’t believe in it but it honestly saved my life.

“It sounds stupid to people but I had nothing.”

She’s become used to living the high life (Photo: Barcroft)

“My ex-husband was a club promoter – every night he was drinking and partying.

“I was crying every day. I had to get out but I had no money – he controlled all the finances.

“I’d just graduated from Florida State University and I had debt up to my eyeballs and nowhere to go.”

“I knew I had to get out. He was getting belligerent, he threw a TV at me – so one day I just left the house and slept in my car.

“A friend let me stay with her couple of weeks and said you need to go on seekingarrangement – there’s no other job that you’re going to get where you can afford an apartment in Miami beach.”

Who wouldn’t want to fly on private jets? (Photo: Barcroft)

On her first date with a sugar daddy, Jeanemarie was given $1,000 (£800) to ‘start over’.

She explained: “I realised this is one guy and there are hundreds of other guys in Miami who will find me attractive, take me out to dinner and want to help me.”

Jeanemarie defends her way of making money as working smart rather than hard and insists she is simply making the most of her looks and intelligence – something she urges other women to also do.

“You just have to love yourself and follow your dream. If you are sitting at that 9-5 job and you hate your life, quit it because when you do what you love, life is fun.”

Now men pay to fly her around the world at their expense (Photo: Barcroft)

She said: “I have no problem with working hard but I’d rather work smart. Men are supposed to be caregivers and take care of women.”

“My friends pick me up on their jet ski and take me to their yacht parties – how could I ever work in an office after that?”

Now receiving between 60-100 messages a day, Jeanemarie is currently dating three sugar daddies.

“I went from being married to a guy who just used me for a green card to living on my own in a penthouse looking over the water.”




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