• December 11, 2023

Tension High As Truckers And Farmers block Crossing in Calais To England

Calais, France is an explosion just waiting to happen and seem to be sooner than later. The French are going to have to act. Truckers and farmers have started a protest of their own by blocking the crossing to England, making travel non existent. If and when the migrant camp is dismantled, the question is, what will become of the migrants wanting to reach England? They tend to think it will be the land of milk and honey, and dare I say? “free stuff”. Good luck with that.

According to Telegraph.co.uk:

Motorists hoping to cross the Channel in either direction have been advised to avoid Calais on Monday, when hundreds of lorries will converge along the A16 motorway leading to the port and totally block the entry road, joined by tractors driven by farmers irate at seeing their land trampled by migrants and police.The blockade is going ahead despite the French government’s pledge on Friday to dismantle Calais’ “jungle”, a sprawling camp now home to up to 10,000 migrants hoping to reach Britain, “by the end of the year”.

England is responsible in part in the situation, and I wonder why they are not working with the French Government in finding a way to resettle the migrants, preferably back where they came from. For it is quite obvious, no one wants them. The EU opened this can of worms, now has no answers for what has been wrought. There will be hurt feelings, and egg on the faces of the globalists, but leadership has to make a decision soon, if they wish to keep their elected seats. And in the end, is that what they worry of the most? What do you think?

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