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Texas Daycare Worker Body Slams 4 Year Old Girl [VIDEO]

A video shows a male daycare worker pick up a four year old girl by the arm and slamming her down on the floor before moving her to a corner and cleaning the blood off her.  I realize the pay is low in daycare centers but there has to be a better way to vet new workers and to keep an eye on what’s happening during operation hours.  This is happening too many times.  This shouldn’t be shrugged off.  As a parent myself I can tell you what would have happened had he done this to my child.


Gregory Diglin was charged with injury to a child after he was captured on surveillance footage yelling at a little girl before slamming her on the floor at Children’s Lighthouse Daycare in Spring, Texas, on Wednesday.

After the child began screaming in pain, Diglin took her to a corner of the room and tried to clean up her blood, according to Montgomery County police.

Officials were alerted to the situation after the child’s mother called police and said her child was assaulted after she noticed her daughter had a split lip.

Jeff Kemp, the family’s attorney, said to KHOU: ‘The little girl is actually quite smart and was able to explain very well for a four-year-old what had happened.’

He added: ‘What happened is every parent’s worst nightmare.’ 

The daycare video shows Diglin yelling at the child because she wouldn’t get off the floor. He says to her: ‘Don’t tell me no! Get off the floor!’

Diglin is seen pulling the girl up and slamming her to the mat and she immediately reacted in pain.  Diglin became concerned he would be in trouble and moved her away from the camera and tried to clean her up.  Doctors expect her to be fine but said it could cause dental trauma in the future.

Diglin is being held in lieu of $200,000 bail.


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