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Texas Teen Killed Herself In Front of Her Parents for Being Bullied At School STILL Being Targeted


The Vela family has been left heartbroken and with many questions after their 18-year-old daughter, Brandy, took her own life in the family home.

The Texas City High School senior shot herself in the chest in front of her parents and grandparents. Brandy’s last text to the family read, “I love you so much just remember that please and I’m so sorry for everything.”

“I was the first one here,” said Jacqueline Vela, Brandy’s older sister. “I heard someone crying so I ran upstairs and I looked in her room and she’s against the wall and she has a gun pointed at her chest and she’s just crying and crying and I’m like, ‘Brandy please don’t, Brandy no,'”

Everyone in the family tried to say the right thing, but ultimately there were no words that could help Brandy.

The Vela family believes their daughter felt helpless after ‘relentless bullying’ from students at her school. Students would mock Brandy about her weight, tease her, and make fake dating profiles with her phone number saying she’s giving out sex for free.

These concerns were brought to the attention of not only the school, but the local police department. Neither provided any assistance other than telling Brandy that she should change her phone number, which she did. That didn’t stop the attacks.

“I’m glad you got what you wanted. I hope this makes you happy,” Victor Vela, 19, said, talking directly to the bullies he said targeted his younger sister.

No arrests have been made in this case of cyber-bullying, but the family says they have a good idea of who is behind it.

It’s heartbreaking to think that someone can feel so alone in a time of trouble. We pray for Brandy, her family, and all other victims of bullying (cyber or otherwise) and hope they can someday find peace.

The harassment is continuing online through fake Facebook profiles. The family said people are posting disturbing things on her memorial page. One of the profiles shows her with guns while another shows the teenager, who was bullied for her weight, as a pig.

Another of the posts reveals a smiling Brandy with the words ‘my face when you shoot yourself in front of your family.’ Another is a stick figure holding a gun with the words, ‘oops am I dead?’ A third shows a gun hidden inside a book.

Arrests need to be made and charges filed. People shouldn’t be able to get away with driving someone to commit suicide.

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