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Liberal Prof Who Wished For White Genocide Almost Puked When He Saw This

Most of you will remember George Ciccariello, the liberal cupcake professor from Drexel University who wanted white genocide for Christmas.  Well, he’s back in the news again for being equally retarded.  What if a white professor had tweeted about wanting black genocide.  How long do you suppose he would still have a job?  My guess is within 2 minutes of the posting.


Back on Christmas Eve, Drexel University political-science professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted that all he wanted for Christmas was “white genocide.” He followed that up with another in which he said that the massacre of whites in Haiti in its 1804 rebellion was a good thing. Those tweets came to the attention of Drexel officials, who called them “utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing.” His sentiments do not, they thundered, “reflect the values of the university.” But the school took no action because the scholar’s expressions are protected by academic freedom.

In his latest rant, he claims he got very upset when he was on a plane.  It seems that a man got up from his first class seat and traded with a young soldier.  It was at this point that cupcake said he almost lost his icing and felt like yelling about Mosul.  Mosul is the city where residents have been continually murdered by ISIS who is about to be driven from the city by Iraqi forces with help from the United States.




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