The Alarm Has Been Sounded! Biden Trying To INTENTIONALLY SABOTAGE Major American Industry!

If you truly wanted, you could pretty much tank any industry that you want. If you were in charge, you can affect the value of just about anything.

For example, many years ago there was a former WWE performer that was online talking about how big the royalty check that he got the previous week from the sales of a book that he wrote while he was with the company. He was presently working for a competing organization.

Anyway, he was going on and on about this and the very next day their merchandise website lowered the price of the book from ten dollars to fifty cents. So yeah, if they can tank one guy’s royalty check then Joe Biden can tank an entire industry.

Oil and Gas Experts say gas prices may reach $3-4 per gallon by end of the year. When the pandemic started, more than a year ago, the demand for oil also decreased, causing West Texas to produce less. Biden has made it clear, he is an enemy of the oil and gas industry and he wants to usher in green energy.

Just like many other services and jobs undergoing this winter storm, oil production has paused or decreased significantly.

“Now they’re saying, oil could go to $190 a barrel by 2025. What does that mean as a gasoline user? Not good,” said King Operating CEO Jay R. Young.

“We’re squeaking out every barrel of oil we can in the United States, and we’re still going down. Look at your US oil production, look at the rig count. Everything is coming down. Now you got 600 or 700 thousand coming out of the Permian, and normally there’s 4 or 5 million,” said Young.

Young said the oil shortage we are currently having is going to continue into the next three to six months and maybe even longer. Without the ability to drill enough oil to meet the demand of gasoline consumers, the United States will have to import it. Biden signed an executive order on one of his first days in office which stopped construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to America.

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