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The Berkeley Riots:Fully Funded By George Soros

As Deep Throat said, follow the money.  With the violence in Berkeley the money trail for the financing of the riots was easy to follow.  The irony is the funding for the group responsible for the riots, Refuse Fascism is a Nazi, George Soros.


Much of the funding for Refuse Fascism comes from an Arizona based group by the name of  Global Alliance for Justice, a group funded by Nazi George Soros.  How ironic is that?  Other groups that contributed money include the City of Tucson,, the outdoor apparel and equipment company, gave $40,000. The Ben & Jerry Foundation, the charity associated with the ice cream maker, gave $20,000. And Lush Cosmetic gave $43,950.

From The US Herald:

Refuse Fascism encouraged the violence on Wednesday night, and even tried to justify the violence in a statement they released after the dust had settled.

The group claimed that the damage and chaos was “righteous” and even tried to flip it and say that Milo Yiannopoulos was the one who pushed for “violent” policies.

“Dismantling police fences is not violent. And to compare preventing someone like that from speaking to the real-world violence that they perpetuate everyday is ludicrous,” one of the group’s Facebook post reads.

It’s time that something is done about these entitled brats that don’t understand that all the chaos and damage actually costs money that people have to work for. They wouldn’t understand this concept, however. They’re too busy creating a mess for somebody else to clean up.

DOJ head Jeffrey Sessions could take the group and individuals to court on civil rights violations.  Let’s hope he does.

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