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Government Employee Outed as a Welfare Cheat..Must Serve 3 Years in Prison

Tonia Ramaza-Williams used her job and her knowledge about how the welfare system operates to steal over $82,000 in benefits from the federal program.  After initially being told she made too much to collect benefits, she used her position to falsify her income that allowed her to collect benefits, while believing she would never get caught.



Ramaza-Williams worked as the head clerk for the  Children and Families Department office in Mercer County in New Jersey.  She altered documents to show she made significantly less than she was actually making.

However the scam was uncovered and now the former state worker is heading off to prison to serve out a 3-year sentence moreover the Willingboro resident must pay back full restitution, for the money she scammed, which will amount to $82,769.

Ramaza-Williams pleaded guilty last November to theft by using her job as head clerk to at an unlawful taking. She admitted using her job as head clerk to fraudulently claim benefits.

Remarkably the state of New Jersey has a dubious history of corrupt politicians especially within the state capital of Trenton, however perhaps that title is misplaced in that in recent findings New Jersey actually ranked better than its reputation, with good governance and relatively low official misconduct.


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