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The CDC Just Warned Of A New DEADLY Fall Outbreak!

Well, isn’t this interesting, right?

The CDC is all over the place lately and it almost feels as the nation is playing “Simon Says” with someone with Tourette’s. Just when you think they are making sense they shout something else out entirely different and everyone is left confused…again.

So, here we are with another CDC prediction that surely has everyone scratching their heads, but what is sadder is that many people won’t see the connection here.

The CDC has now made the prediction that there is a possibility of an outbreak of a polio-like illness known as acute flaccid myelitis could impact children in The U.S. this fall.

Of course, not many people will realize that this “illness” is happening after several rounds of vaccinations by adults and parents bringing their children in. Also, the pregnant women who have lined up to be vaccinated against the COVID virus since the mainstream media scared them all into receiving this biotech experiment in their bodies.

Is it possible that this potential “outbreak” could have anything to do with that?

I am not saying that it is 100% that since over the years we have seen outbreaks of sicknesses. However, it does seem incredibly suspicious if you ask me.

Here is more from US News:

The latest outbreak in 2018 was the largest peak ever recorded, with 238 cases across 42 states. Over half were admitted to intensive care units, and a quarter of hospitalized patients required a ventilator, according to the CDC. The average patient age was 5 years old.

Now, health officials are worried that an AFM outbreak during the coronavirus pandemic could complicate efforts to diagnose and treat the illness.

“Clinicians need to remain vigilant for AFM and promptly evaluate patients even as front-line health care workers, family physicians and other medical professionals continue to work under the constraints of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” CDC Director Robert Redfield said on a call with reporters Tuesday.

The Academy Of American Pediatrics explained:

AFM is an important public health priority, and national surveillance for new cases is ongoing. The COVID-19 pandemic has left uncertainties about the timing of another AFM outbreak.

The CDC continues to raise awareness of AFM among pediatricians, particularly front-line pediatricians in emergency departments and urgent care settings who may be the first to see an affected patient.

The CDC is promoting resources pediatricians need to care for patients and families with AFM, emphasizing the importance of early recognition and hospitalization of patients (see resources).

I wonder what else will sneak up on us this fall?

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