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They Are About To Make It ILLEGAL To Protest Against Vaccinations!

We live in a world that is totally upside down and it is terrifying to be a part of it. We were once a country that applauded individualism and being our own person, but now that is shunned for the good of the collective. We once were a country that protected peaceful protests and speaking out against tyranny, but now that is called insurrection and must be punished.

So much for the land of the free.

Now, in one state they are going one step further to ensure that there is any dissent as they push the new world order upon us all.

In fact, in this state, they are proposing a bill that would make it a jailable crime to protest a vaccine site and you know that once this passes in one state, it will sweep across our nation popping up in more.

It should not be a huge surprise to know that the state that is proposing this particular draconian bill is in California.

Senate Bill 742 threatens to jail anti-vaccine protesters for up to six months, as well as stick them with fines, for making their voices heard about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Big Pharma injections, including those for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Here is more from Natural News:

Freedom protesters have been seen as of late gathering outside of clinics and other facilities where the jabs are being administered. These gatherings are peaceful, but they are apparently “triggering” pro-vaccine fanatics who believe that all vaccines are “safe and effective.”

On August 19, SB 742 was placed in the California legislature’s “Suspense File,” meaning it will be considered at a later date “in a rapid-fire process” alongside other bills that have also been lumped into this category.

The purpose of the Suspense File, it would seem is to hide controversial legislation under the radar until it can be sprung up and resurrected suddenly in order to be quickly passed without too many people knowing what happened.

Included in the bill: “(a) It is unlawful to knowingly approach within 30 feet of any person while a person is making the approach within 100 feet of the entrance of a vaccination site and is seeking to enter or exit a vaccination site, or any occupied motor vehicle seeking entry or exit, for the purpose of obstructing, injuring, harassing, intimidating, or interfering with that person or vehicle occupant in connection with any vaccination services,” Section 594.39 of Section 1 of the bill would add to California’s Penal Code.

“(b) A violation of subdivision (a) is punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by both that fine and imprisonment.”

Big Pharma tyrants want to make speaking out against vaccines a crime

“Intimidation,” as defined by the bill, includes making “a true threat” towards a person or group of people that put that person or group “in fear of bodily harm or death.”

Since some deranged vaccine lovers actually believe that not getting vaccinated, or not allowing a child to get vaccinated, is a form of “violence,” this section of the bill could be applied in such a way as to criminalize merely publicly voicing opposition to vaccines.

The bill goes on to define a “true threat” as “a statement where the speaker means to communicate a serious expression of an intent to commit an act of unlawful violence to a particular person or group of persons regardless of whether the person actually intends to act on the threat.”

This, too, could easily be redefined to include free speech that calls into question the safety and efficacy of an injection. As you may recall, this has long been the excuse as to why vaccine studies never include a true control group: because to deprive one group of the experimental injection would be “inhumane,” we are told.

The real kicker in the bill is the “obstructing” section, which is defined as “rendering ingress to or egress from a vaccination site, or rendering passage to or from a vaccination site, unreasonably difficult or hazardous.”

So much for free speech my friends.

The country that we once were so blessed to live in is spiraling out of control and I am not entirely sure it will ever be back.

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