• February 28, 2024

The Eraser Challenge…Idiotic and Dangerous

The new fad in America is creating challenges that are both inane and dangerous.  That describes the “Eraser Challenge” to a tee.  You are to vigorously rub the back of your hand with an eraser as you recite the alphabet.  You end up stripping the skin from your hand and create an open wound that is very prone to infection and could even cause you to lose your hand.

 As long as kids have been bored at school and wanted attention, they’ve been willing to engage in pointless, dangerous activities to show how tough they are.

But just as we saw with the salt and ice challenge or the cinnamon challenge, these silly games have very real consequences that should cause concern for parents.

Now, a new one is making the rounds, and it’s time for parents, teachers, and other kids to be aware of its dangers.

It’s called the eraser challenge, and, as with the other dangerous, it involves a painful act that serves no purpose.

The game’s “rules” are simple: Rub an eraser on your skin while you recite the alphabet.

But while the kids are distracted running through the alphabet, they’re oblivious they’re doing to their skin, often stripping it away and causing blisters or even open wounds prone to infection.

What’s most terrifying is that it would seem from the pics that the kids are actively trying to inflict the most harm for attention.

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