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The Hack For Dented Bumpers That Drives Body Shop Owners Batty [VIDEO]

In this era of plastic bumpers, dents are a yuge problem.  Not only that but can be very expensive to repair or replace.  That is now a thing of the past because of a bright young fellow who developed a ridiculously easy way to return your bumper into it’s original shape, using only a pan of hot water.


If you have ever considered paying a costly mechanic to repair an unsightly dent in your car, then think again.

A genius hack allows you to mend your battered bumper with nothing more than boiling water.

This video shows the owner of a white car dousing a dent with scalding water from a saucepan. Quite why he was not wearing any shoes is not known.

He reaches under the bonnet and gently pops out the dent while it is still warm – you would hope while wearing gloves. 

It should be said at this point the trick only works if your bumper is made out of plastic.


There are a couple of additions to thhe video you are about to see.  Once you have reshaped the bumper, you should then use a pan of cold water to restore the strength of the material.  Also, if there is a crack or a chip in the paint, you ccan use a magic marker of about the same color or you can go to the dealership and buy a small container of touch up paint identical to the original.


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