The Internet Cannot Figure Out ‘WHO IS THE MOM?’ In These Photos

People mistake them for busty blonde triplets, but one is actually the mother!


There are three gorgeous blonde women in this photo, dressed up to go out on the town for a night. Social media users lost their minds when they realized that one of these three striking ladies is actually the mother, and that the two daughters are 19 and 21.


Natalie Wardell, the mother, is close to her daughters, and people mistake them for being three sisters all the time.

How old do you think Natalie is? Take a look at these photos:

These girls are my life ❤️ happy 21st jazzy!

A photo posted by Tamika Wardell (@tamikawardell_) on

Night out in the city with my girls

A photo posted by Natalie Wardell (@natwardz_miss5l) on

She certainly is aging well. In some shots, I actually thought one of the daughter’s was the mom.

Always doing the up yours pose when I’m on the blacks #noloveyoudontlooksexydoingthat

A photo posted by Natalie Wardell (@natwardz_miss5l) on

Thank fuck I have a pool and a cute bikini for this weather #fuckthisheat #thankfuckforpools

A photo posted by Natalie Wardell (@natwardz_miss5l) on

Fun night out for the start of my birthday fun ?

A photo posted by Natalie Wardell (@natwardz_miss5l) on

Would you have a hard time dating any of these girls?



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