• April 15, 2024

The Number Of Illegal Aliens On Welfare Is Absolutely Shocking

This number is shocking and to think we pay for it all is even more distressing…

About 62 percent of households headed up by illegal aliens living in the United States are on some form of welfare – more than twice the percentage of households headed up by native-born persons that receive government assistance.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) just released a report detailing the amount of welfare used by illegal aliens in the U.S. Using 2012 data, the CIS analysis showed roughly 57 percent of households headed up by an illegal alien received food assistance, and about half had at least one member on Medicaid.

Comparatively, about 30 percent of households under a native-born person in the U.S. receive welfare. About 22 percent of these households get food assistance, and about 23 percent have at least one person on Medicaid.

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