• June 17, 2024

There Are So Many Bad Choices Here Cops Were Left ROTFL And What Happened To This Romeo, Well, Just Check It Out

Who said chivalry is dead? After all, doesn’t every good boy friend pick up his best girl, from jail? After all,  she landed there because they were fighting the night before…. It gets better folks.

Sometimes a criminal comes along who is so brave, so gentlemanly, and so stupid that even the police can’t help but to mock him publicly. Such is the case of Tempe’s Miguel Redshirt who decided that he wanted to pick his girlfriend up from jail on Monday, but was lacking the means to do so. Not one to let simple things like the lack of a vehicle or lawful behavior stand in his way, the fella decided to, ahem, “borrow” a truck from someone else to do so.

On the way to the prison a police license plate scanner recognized the vehicle as having been stolen, unbeknownst to the chivalrous bandit. When Redshirt arrived police apprehended him and seized the truck. Of course, his argument was that he borrowed it from a friend, though it seems that his friend either thought it would be a funny gag to report it stolen after loaning it to him, or he forgot to actually make friends with the owner before taking it. We’re betting on the latter.

Police were quick to mock the knucklehead, posting a meme to their Twitter account that had a picture of the truck and a caption that reads “Chivalry. Picking up your girlfriend from jail in a stolen truck.”

Now Redshirt sits inside the jail as well as his girlfriend, Lavina Jackson. Jackson was arrested last week following a fight with Redshirt, so perhaps him picking her up was an attempt at making amends, or perhaps they just have that sort of relationship. The truck was returned to it’s rightful owner.

So what’s the moral of this story? Don’t go to a police headquarters in a stolen vehicle? Being a gentleman is not necessary when your girlfriend is in jail for assaulting you? No, we believe the moral of the story is to make friends with somebody before borrowing their stuff.

Story from Examiner.com

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