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These Are The Best Animal Photobombs of All Time [PHOTOS]

When it comes to taking photos, sometimes you can get some unexpected surprises. Inside, we’ve collected the greatest and most hilarious animal photobombs that are guaranteed to make bad days brighter.


As W.C Fields once said, “Never work with Children or Animals.” They are scene stealing and completely unpredictable.

Animal photobomb collections first appeared on the internet sometime after 2008, but this is one of the best.


Squirrel Game

The first, and the greatest. Crasher squirrel invented the idea of animal photobombing. He is a trailblazer and a legend.



Llama Time

Many happy nuptials have been ruined by malicious wedding llamas. They’re a blight on society.


Now You See Me

Sloths are so hot right now – some might even call it cynical that they’ve started photobombing people, but I just see it as taking advantage of an important cultural moment to advance their image.


Happy Feet

Your penguin party isn’t even really a party unless Crasher Seal shows up. He is like the Bill Murray of Antarctica.


Hug It Out

Two of the people in this photo look honestly petrified and then there’s one guy with the biggest grin on his face. This stingray has taken his chance and he’s very happy with himself that he did.


The Grinch

This dogs all happy and loving life, but it seems his evil nemesis is lying in wait and will have his revenge.


Big Mouth

These girls have obviously been horse riding together and some eager parent wants to capture the moment. Well the horse knows they’re the most important part of the day so need to be front and center, flashing the smile.


Under the Sea Love

Just got married, well let me be the first to wish you congratulations. Go on then kiss her.


Hangin’ Out

This cat doesn’t seem to happy seeing the dog is getting to be center stage in this photo. I’ll show you owners.


Horsin’ Around

This cheeky cow wants to get in on the action of mocking this poor horse.


Turtle Bomb

Group photo opportunity and boom!! Here I am, check out my smile.


Discovery Show Power Hour

I’m actually not sure who’s photobombing whom here – kind of depends on whether this is a kangaroo vacation picture or a kangaroo porn shoot. So tough to tell the difference these days.


Jump Around

It still counts as a photobomb even if you are trying to block a bullet.


You’re Gonna Hear Me Roaaaaar!

This story doesn’t end well.


Perfectly Timed Pigeon

What’s a touristy picture of a famous landmark without an obligitory pigeon swooping in to steal the show, beautiful timing for sure.


Kiss Me

The happy couple are taking simple photo to remember their trip and then this big guy dives in sticking his tongue out, definitely not camera shy is he.


Time To Bury Our Heads In The Sand!

This guys trying to capture a moment to show his mates the time he was hanging out with loads of Ostriches, then one of the cheeky rascals pops his head up and steals the show.


Mmmm You Look Tasty

Hey get my photo with this camel! How cool is this! Oh hey there you look good enough to eat… come to daddy.


Millions of years of evolution

And it comes to this, two mammals both with the same look on their faces getting snapped.


Wedding Day

This dog is obviously having jealousy issues with the cat getting a photo and he won’t stand for it.


Big Smiles

This photo speaks for itself, two guys having a great day cracking a couple of big smiles.


Duck Driving

This girl is truly terrified but their is a certain level of hilarity to this photo! One to pull out on her wedding day.


Stuck in the Window

Why are you so sad, Window Kitten? Hopefully because you keep ruining your mom’s photos and you are guilty about it! Ugh.


Curious Cat

Did you know that 95 percent of photobombing accidents could have been avoided if your camera was just A LITTLE BIT LESS FASCINATING?

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