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These Hilarious Parent Memes Will Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Scare The Kids [PHOTOS]

Not everything about parenting is easy, but sometimes all you can do is laugh. Kids do some strange things and make you say some weird things. No matter what’s going on, a funny meme can relieve the tension.

When your children are throwing you for a curve, get some comic relief by paging through these memes. Each one will have some relevance to your life and you won’t feel so alone in the battle.

Most of the memes hit true to home.  Kids are kids no matter what, and it’s always fun to get a good laugh when you can.

Get ready to laugh.

Without the Kids

This is an accurate portrayal of what a mom feels like when she’s able to leave the house without her kids. What a relief!

Giving Gifts

Here’s a hilarious way to remind your kids that you buy them something every single day.


Any parent knows how much of a mess the bathroom is when a kid gets out of the tub. It’s like a whale beached in there.

Diaper Change

If you’re a seasoned parent, you have probably had to deal with a baby who poops during the diaper change. What a mess!

Toy Whistle

No parents wants to pick their child up for a birthday party, only to find that they were given a whistle as a party favor.

Getting Ready for School

Any mom will tell you that kids slow down to an almost stop when they have to get ready for school in the morning.

Going to Grandma’s

If your kid is hopped up on sugar, you can probably thank Grandma and Grandpa.

Sleeping Baby

Putting a sleeping baby into the crib without waking her up is the stuff of parenting nightmares.

Spending Money

As a parent, it’s so hard to justify spending money on yourself. But so easy to burn through it on the kids.

It’s Morning

Hearing the kids get up early in the morning will strike dread into the heart of any parent.

Noisy Toys

What parent hasn’t pretended the toy is broken because they are tired of listening to it make noise?

Helpful Child

Maybe this kid was trying to get out of something, maybe he was just trying to sav his mom some time.

Talking Back

If your child sees you doing this, they should probably run, right?

All the Necessities

It’s amazing how much a parent’s priorities change when they have a second child. They don’t need all that stuff!

Bathroom Break

Moms all over the world will tell you that time to themselves to go to the bathroom usually doesn’t happen.

The Great Escape

It can be a LONG day at home with the kids so when stay-at-home moms get the chance to escape, they will truly hit the ground running.

Sleep Deprived

In the movies, moms always seem to share a peaceful night of sleep with their young children. But in reality, we all know what really happens in the middle of the night.


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