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WTH..Chelsea Clinton Given Lifetime Achievement Award

Chelsea Clinton is about to get a lifetime achievement award.  I didn’t know she had any achievements.  I’m sure you didn’t either.  Both she and her husband and mother are all pretty much losers.  Mom is a two time loser.  Variety Magazine and Lifetime Channel are giving her the award allegedly based on her vice chair job at the Clinton Foundation.  Although I agree there is a lot of vice at the Clinton Foundation, it doesn’t deserve an award, it demands long prison sentences.  There is so little between her ears, it’s a wonder her head doesn’t collapse.


Chelsea Clinton is set to be named Variety Magazine and Lifetime Channel’s achievement award winner, according to a report from The Hill published Tuesday.

The younger Clinton currently serves as the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, the nonprofit that caused a foreign donation scandal for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.

The award will be presented to Clinton at the “women in power” luncheon in midtown Manhattan on April 18. Other winners include CBS host Gayle King, actresses Jessica Chastain, Blake Lively, and Audra McDonald, as well as media executive Shari Redstone.

Variety Magazine cited Clinton’s work with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a group that focuses on improving children’s eating habits.

If Ii were cynical I would say this is an attempt to bolster her reputation for a political run.  Ok.  So I’m cynical. She’s never held a job that she was successful at and the Clinton Foundation is on it’s last legs because there is no longer any influence to buy.  Her job there is just a way to funnel m oney to her after her hedge fund husband bankrupted his fund by going all in on Greece debt.



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