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They Told Him He Couldn’t Point to God After TD But They Didn’t Count on This



Luke Keller was a young man on the edge.  His father abandoned him when he was ten, then his grandmother died and his grandfather was sent to prison.  He was all alone or at least he thought he was.  His thoughts turned to suicide.  Then one night he was ready to commit the final act of his life, but before he did , he asked God for proof that he really did exist.  Keller claims a voice told him to “Follow me.”  He fell to his knees and kept repeating his thanks to God.

After that, every time he scored a touchdown, he would fall to his knees and point up to God.  That’s when the liberals at his school decided to take action and they told him that the next time he took a knee or pointed to God, he would be off the team.  He wanted to quit the team, but his sister slipped him a note that said “Be patient and let God work!”


During the second half, Keller scored a touchdown but didn’t drop to his knee.  However, the 7,000 people in attendance were well aware of the threat against Keller and they all fell to their knees and pointed upward to God.  What a powerful statement.  I would have loved to see the faces of the secularists who denied Keller’s display had sit through watching 7.000 people taking his place.  Brilliant.

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