• May 25, 2022

This Ain’t Santa Coming To Town. “Krampusnacht” (Video)

The Feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated in parts of Europe on December 6.

On the preceding evening of December 5, Krampus Night, or Krampusnacht, the wicked hairy devil appears on the streets. Sometimes accompanying St. Nicholas and sometimes on his own, Krampus visits homes and businesses.

The Saint usually appears in the Eastern Rite vestments of a bishop, and he carries a golden ceremonial staff.

Unlike North American versions of Santa Claus, in these celebrations Saint Nicholas concerns himself only with the good children, while  Krampus is responsible for the bad.

Nicholas dispenses gifts, while Krampus supplies coal and the ruten bundles.


A Krampuslauf is a run of celebrants dressed as the wicked beast, often fueled by alcohol.

The tradition resurrects a centuries-old ancient ritual meant to disperse winter’s ghosts.

I witnessed Krampusnacht as a small child in Bavaria and it scared the shit out of me. I will never forget it.

These creatures chased us little kids down the street with inflated pig bladders attached to sticks and threatened to take us away. I still remember the images 40+ years later lol.

I personally think that we should hold the same celebration here today and see how many kids cry, scream, and attach diaper pins in the attempt to have a “safety zone.”

Check the video:




Happy Krampusnacht everybody. Peace.



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