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This Crazy Dog is Afraid of Invisible Doors [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever been around Golden Retrievers, you probably know that they are a breed known for their intelligence. These blond pups love to fetch, swim, and please their owners.


The breed is actually ranked the fourth smartest dog; it’s no wonder they are the third most popular breed in the U.S. Although they are known for their intelligence, occasionally even a Golden Retriever will do something clumsy.

Enter Brittany Gaunt and her Golden Retriever, Buddy. The duo shot a video that went viral, with Buddy as the featured comic.

To set the scene: Prior to the video, Buddy had a bit of a run-in with the sliding glass door. Apparently, the mishap taught him that glass doors are not to be trusted.

As the video begins, you see Buddy on one side of the door, while Brittany films on the other, inside the house. She tries coaxing Buddy with kind words of praise and encouragement, but he doesn’t budge.

Buddy wants to come in, he just doesn’t trust that invisible door. Brittany tries a bit of a stern voice and even demonstrates that the door is open, with no yielding from the dog.

There was only one last measure to take, and it was bound to lure him through that tricky door: BACON!! Buddy just couldn’t resist the allure of that piece of bacon.

However, Buddy is no fool and decides to test the door a few times. He lifts up a fluffy paw and cautiously waves it the other side of the glass door before stepping through.

With all the wisdom of someone who has run head-on into a glass door, he starts to test the space before he commits to walking through.

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