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This Janitor Teaches These Teenage Girls a Lesson in Respect [VIDEO]

Teenagers are very difficult to handle in most cases. We ask them NOT to do something, and they purposely defy what was asked on them in some sort of grab for power. Well, these girls will never blindly defy what’s asked of them again after what this Janitor does to them!


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Group Of Snobby Girls Who Think They Can Disrespect Janitor Get Taught Meaning Of Karma

Out of all the ages, teenagers tend to be the worst when it comes to disrespecting authority. It may be a combination of peer pressure and testing their boundaries, but, regardless of the reasoning, teens can be downright rude and careless. While it’s up to the parents to instill good behavior in their children, sometimes, outsiders have a more profound effect on actually impacting a teen’s bad behavior.

One janitor by the name of Elogio was fed up with having to clean the lipstick marks off the mirrors at the middle school where he worked. Every single day, Elogio had to stay late just to wipe the unnecessary marks off the mirrors, until he had had enough. There was no reason for the stains to be on there and he knew that the teen girls were just exhibiting poor and disrespectful behavior to both him and the school property.

First, he asked the principal if she could intervene, but that ended up backfiring on him, as the principal’s public announcement actually led the girls to leaving more marks more frequently. But, Elogio wasn’t giving up and he was determined to have the last laugh.

One day, he asked the principal if she could gather several of the lipstick suspects and have them meet up in the bathroom. Of course, they had no choice but to obey her. These were the most popular girls in school. When the group of girls all gathered in the bathroom, Elogio had a little presentation for them…

“Ladies, thank you for coming,” said Elogio. “Every day at the end of the day I have to go through an unnecessary cleaning process. I’d like to show it to you and I’m hoping you’re willing to help. If you look over here to the mirror, you see these lip prints? They’re greasy and difficult to get off and I go home late every day because I spend so much time on these mirrors. I’d like to show you what I have to do every day.”

Elogio then went on to show the girls what he had to do every day, but he got a little creative with it. As the girls all watched, he dipped his mop in the toilet water and then proceeded to use that same mop to wipe the lipstick stains off the mirror. As to be expected, the looks on the girls’ faces were priceless. They looked disgusted. We can bet that they will not be kissing the mirrors again any time soon.

Sometimes you just have to get creative to teach a lesson. Props to Elogio for standing his ground, as it ended up working out well for both parties involved. He had less cleaning to do and he could go home at a reasonable hour, and the girls learned a lesson in respect that they will take with them through life.

One commenter had a brilliant idea about how to make Elogio’s lesson even more memorable…

“This would have been even greater if the janitor would have taken a piss first, and then cleaned those mirrors with that pissy toilet water.”

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