• August 11, 2022

This Snake Bit Off Something He Couldn’t Chew [VIDEO]

A snake in India was found in the middle of a local village with a noticeable bulge in his stomach.  But it became obvious that the snake could not not digest whatever it was it had eaten.  The snake was forced to regurgitate the object to the surprise and amusement of the villagers.

 Footage has emerged of a snake that swallowed an empty plastic bottle struggles to spit it out.

The video, which was shot in Goa, India, shows the animal slowly squeezing the bottle up through contractions while a crowd of curious villagers gather to watch.

Luckily the snake appeared to be unharmed after regurgitating the bottle.

Wildlife rescuer Goutham Bhagat said: ‘When I saw the snake with a bulge in its stomach. I thought the cobra must have swallowed something big that it was not able to digest.

‘But I didn’t have an idea that it would would spit out an empty soft drinks bottle.’

Villagers at Carve village could be seen erupting in joy as the snake successfully manages to thrown up the bottle.

But they couldn’t understand why the snake would eat the bottle in the first place – with some saying that it must have mistaken it for a small animal.

Bhagat said: ‘I have asked many people as to why the snake would have swallowed the bottle. But I didn’t get a satisfactory reply from anyone. I hope somebody could give me a logical reply for this.’

This is the first documented incident in the world where a snake is seen swallowing plastic bottle.

H/T The Mail Online


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