Three Women Charged With Molesting Football Player

When we hear about an instance of sexual assault, we have a tendency to assume the victim is a woman. However, men are susceptible of becoming victims of sexual attacks, too.

A video recently surfaced showing three women molesting a drunk, naked football player. Now, 26-year-old Brogan Gillard, 22-year-old Paige Cunningham and 20-year-old Shannon Jones have been charged with sexual assault, Metro reports.


Allegedly, the three women, who hail from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, met up with a 20-year-old football player during a night out. They brought the young man — who has not been identified due to legal reasons — back to one of their homes.

The women supposedly proceeded to give the young man vodka until he became so drunk, he actually passed out.

Then Gillard, Cunningham and Jones filmed themselves as they sexually assaulted the athlete.

During the hearing, the video that was presented showed Gillard, Cunningham and Jones taking the clothes off the drunk, unresponsive man.

However, that was just the beginning of their unsettling activities. The video captured a variety of disturbing scenes, such as the women slicing vegetables over the football player’s naked body and dancing around him as they took turns molesting him, according to reports from Metro and the Daily Star.

But that’s not all. After giving the victim an unsolicited haircut, Gillard waved the scissors in the air and asked her friends, “Put it in his bum?” before spreading his cheeks and inserting the scissors into his ass, according to the news outlet.

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