• June 17, 2024

Tim Kaine Promises a Bill to Legalize 11 Million Illegals Within 100 Days in Office


Just so there would be no doubt in the mind of any illegal planning on voting for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine promised that Hillary Clinton would put forth a bill to legalize all 11 million (or more) illegals in the United States.  Do not be fooled.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will not block this bill.  If you don’t want amnesty for 11 million or more illegal aliens, vote for Donald Trump.  Also, don’t listen to morons like Ted Cruz who tries to say Trump said he would deport them then bring them all back, because that is not what he said.  He said deport them and then they would have to apply for the limited number of green cards the US issues every year.

When you add to that the millions of refugees Hillary has promised to swamp our shores with, creating a huge democratic voting bloc that can never be breached, should scare the hell out of you.  Kaine issued a warning to Paul Ryan, which is totally unnecessary since Paul Ryan is an open border guy and has been for decades.

From The Washington Times:

As Democrats kicked off their convention Monday, they repeatedly attacked GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump for being a “bully,” particularly toward illegal immigrants, and said he would ruin the American experience for immigrants if he gets into the White House.


Latino voters are considered an important swing vote in this year’s election, but polls have been wildly divergent in predicting how they’ll break in November. Part of that could be lingering anger at President Obama, who set deportation records — even as he carved most illegal immigrants out of any danger of being kicked out.

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