• December 3, 2022

To Hell With Facts!

Damn the NRA, white, misogynist, racist, ultra-right wing, high capacity magazines! For the children!

To read much of what the liberal anti-gunners have written since Friday about the cowardly murderer in Santa Barbara (Isla Vista more correctly), one would think that the murderer (I will never use his name in print) was a card carrying NRA member, Tea Party member, sexist who had no mental health issues. Of course they did not actually say all that (this time, but remember Aurora, CO?), they just merely alluded to some of that this time around.

For instance, Cliff Schecter of The Daily Beast, like many others is once again blaming the NRA for this “gun massacre”. To read this guy’s rendition of the incident, you would think that the POS murderer was a spokesman for the NRA. Never mind that his “facts” are completely non-factual. He describes the “7 people murdered” by an individual who mainly targeted women, using high capacity magazines, apparently supplied by the NRA arms dealers, and oh yeah, Newtown… Don’t forget the children.

That would get my blood boiling, if any of it were remotely true. ”Wait” you say. ”Not true?” you ask. But how can a news source put out bad “news”, and then not retract it even when it is known to be false? Easy, because it is agenda driven, not fact driven.

Let’s examine the true facts, shall we?

– Fact: 6 people were murdered, not 7. The 7th “victim” was the chicken sh!t murderer offing himself.

– Fact: Only 2 of the 6 victims were killed by gunfire. 3 of them were stabbed to death and 1 was killed with the murder’s car.

– Fact: Only 2 of the murder victims were female, the other 4 were male.

– Fact: The magazines found in the coward’s possession were all CA legal 10 round magazines. Not the heinous, world ending “high capacity” magazines the antis attribute so much death and destruction to.

– Fact: All three handguns (note, no evil assault rifle that is the scourge of humanity) the murderer had in his possession were all legally purchased by him in CA, despite the ludicrously stringent gun laws in this state. Despite the 10 day waiting period, despite the extensive background checks, despite the state wide handgun registry, despite the “prohibited persons” database, despite the fact that he went through all the steps the anti-gunners claim they want to save lives, he was able to purchase his guns legally.

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