• January 24, 2022

Too Little Too Late: Fauci Is Trying To Save Himself As The Left KICKS Him OUT

The walls around Dr. Fauci the fraud are closing in around him after the release of emails thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

After the emails were released, Fauci’s book deal was canceled and then there are rumors that he is being kicked out of the White House since they are done with him.

It appears that Fauci is nearing the end of his tenure and he is trying desperately to save his image somewhat.

Sources say that Fauci is reportedly pressing China to release the medical records of Wuhan lab employees so that we can get a clearer image of what happened pre-2020.

Did some of the workers in fact have Covid-19 in 2019 as some reports suggest?

Can we even trust Communist China to give us real THE medical records and not falsified records? After all, if we learned one thing from this entire ordeal, it’s that we cannot trust China.

One thing is for absolutely sure, this is a move out of pure desperation. This is the last attempt for Fauci to do a single legitimate thing to cement his legacy, as it seems he will soon have to resign in disgrace.

The New York Post reports:

Dr. Anthony Fauci has reportedly called on China to release the medical records of nine people who fell sick with COVID-like illness — saying they might provide vital clues into whether the deadly virus first emerged as the result of a lab leak in Wuhan.

The records concern three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology who reportedly fell ill in November 2019 and six miners who became sick after entering a bat cave in 2012, according to the Financial Times.

Scientists from the institute later visited the cave to take samples from the bats. Three of the miners died.

“I would like to see the medical records of the three people who are reported to have got sick in 2019. Did they really get sick, and if so, what did they get sick with?” Fauci told the Financial Times on Thursday about some in the group.

Becker News also weighs in showing the broken relationship between Fauci and the White House:

“And then going to the emails of Dr. Fauci, there was an exchange between Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci referencing a Fox News report, discussing basically the lab leak as a conspiracy,” a reporter asked. “Collins denied, you know, jumping to conclusions and he asserted that his mention of conspiracies was referring to the thought, the rumor that the virus was engineered, bioengineered as a weapon. Is that the position of the administration and their top health experts, that this was not engineered? Or is that still an open question and part of this review?”

“Well, I think we’ve spoken to this pretty extensively from here,” Psaki said. “Let me just say, on Dr. Fauci and his emails, he has also spoken to this many, many times over the course of the last few days and we will let him speak for himself.”

“We will let him speak for himself.” This is an ominous line for a doctor who was brought over as a Trump holdover and who was once the darling of both Democrats and the mainstream media complex the party effectively runs.

It seems that Fauci is running out of places to hide and his friends in the White House that he thought he had, are not going to help one bit.

The left will eat their own faster than the LGBTQ+ can make up another sexual orientation or gender so if I were Fauci I would be hiding for the hills and staying there for the time being.

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