• June 27, 2022

Top Hillary Adviser Told Her to Quit Race and Cut a Plea Bargain to Stay Out of Prison


A top adviser to Hillary Clinton advised  her to drop out of the presidential race and  to cut a deal in an effort to stay out of prison.  Is it Christmas?  My birthday?  Ed Klein, author and former editor of the New York Times Magazine for 11 years, says he has talked to a top Clinton adviser.  He says the adviser told him that they had advised Hillary to drop out of the race immediately and try to cut a deal before the investigations into her emails are complete.

She would have a hard time cutting a deal that didn’t involve jail time if she lets them finish.  The conventional wisdom was originally the investigation would be a long drawn out process.  But now sources say the investigation could be complete by New Year’s Day.  The adviser told her to quit the race because in order to cut a deal, she will have to plead guilty to something and once convicted she would not be allowed to hold a federal office anyway.

The adviser told Klein:

“Hillary needs counsel to let Congress, the Justice Department, the FBI, and all the authorities involved know that she’s taking this very seriously.  And she needs to get some discovery as to where the investigation is going so that she can make plans how to deal with it.”

The source said that Hillary was not receptive because she was afraid it would destroy her chances of winning the presidency.  Hasn’t any of her people read the polls to her?  As more information comes out, her chances will dim even further.  David Petraeus and John Deutch both made deals that lowered the charges against them and were allowed to plead to misdemeanors.  And what they did was much less than what they have on her.

To complicate matters worse is that Bryan Pagliano is not a member of Hillary’s inner circle and could very well change lawyers. (He’s using one of Hillary’s now) He could accept the immunity deal being offered by the Senate.  A Senate that would be grateful enough to guaranty him he will never be prosecuted.  The thing about immunity is your testimony can’t be used against you, so the more you divulge, the less likely you are to be prosecuted.

(Pagliano has now been given immunity by the Department of Justice, which he accepted and sources say he is cooperating fully with the FBI.  He has also switched to his own attorney)  Hillary’s only hope of avoiding prison now is to win the presidential race.  Obama is providing her cover and they are stonewalling all efforts to gather information by investigators.

Klein says he expects Hillary to drop out of the race, so she can cut a deal and remove the threat of prison.

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