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Daily Headlines Exclusive: The Truth About What Young Conservatives Think About The Future Of Republican Politics

In the heat of the most divisive political climate in our lifetime, and in of a the midst of history making GOP POTUS Primary, it’s the young voters that will make a difference in the upcoming elections. It’s also a huge mistake to think they are gonna follow the Establishment blindly over the cliff. They have their own ideas and it’s evident in their own comments. The Democrats were masters at engaging their young voters in the last two elections, and while the Republicans are late to the “party” in realizing the power of the young vote, they may not be able to count on a new generation of blind followers who support the establishment agenda.

Please listen, and share, and be encouraged at what this generation brings to the table.

Thanks to all the Truman State College Republicans for their engagement and candid analysis of the current state of political affairs in the country. They are: Chester Pelsang, Corinne Naeger, Shane Belka, Logan Hobbs, Ezekiel Murphy, Robert Ninness, and Jake Buxton, TSU College Republican Chair, and Missouri State College Republican Chair.

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