• December 10, 2023

Trey Gowdy(R-SC) Says,”Justice Should Be Swift In Clinton E-Mail Scandal”

The liberal and mainstream media could disregard Hillary Clinton’s violations all they want, but Trey Gowdy will not remain silent and he’ll do everything he can to change James Comey’s mind about letting Hillary go unpunished.

According to WorldPolitics:

The South Carolina Republican established an adversarial position with the former secretary of state through his Benghazi Committee, which was investigating the events that resulted in the deaths of an American ambassador to Libya and three others on Sept. 11, 2012, in Libya’s second largest city. His committee’s final report on Benghazi stopped short of finding fault with Clinton, though it was highly critical.

Congressman Joe Wilson issued a statement making it clear that he believes the Democrat had been reckless in her use of a private email server. He said his district is home to countless military families and government employees who understand the importance of properly handling classified data and the consequences of failing to do so. It is an offensive abuse of power to hold Secretary Clinton to a different standard. Secretary Clinton put American families at risk of attack with her utter lack of judgment when she used a private email server to transmit official, government business. I honestly believe this is justice to reopen the e-mail scandal, all have to be shown the same jurist prudence, from top to bottom, and Hillary is no different. She should have been held accountable a long time ago. Sadly Clinton thinks she is above the law, and is protected by many, why I do not know


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