• June 19, 2024

Obama and Democrats Are Running For Cover Over Reopening Of Hillary E-Mail Scandal

Now, we know it’s bad! The FBI Director’s announcement that the Bureau had found more emails pertinent to its Hillary Clinton private e-mail server investigation, and was re-opening that investigation, sent shockwaves across the political spectrum this afternoon. Whatever information the FBI has found must be completely devastating for Clinton.

According to MSfanpage:

The fact that the FBI made such an announcement is extraordinary in itself.  Generally, the Bureau does NOT publicly reveal that someone is under investigation, never mind someone who is so high-profile, like an active candidate for President!  So the revelation that the Hillary investigation is now re-opened is an absolute stunner on many levels.

So devastating, that President Obama can no longer even be seen as supporting her candidacy. This FBI announcement has “criminality” written all over it. Michelle and Barack Obama don’t want to get mixed up in the scandals of Crooked Hillary, especially with 10 days remaining till election. Michelle and Obama are backing off. The Obama’s appear to be on some events, but have pulled from others. Where is the media on this? Why aren’t they reporting this? CNN is so thrown in with Hillary that they are lost for words. Surely they will cry, politics, but to the educated mind, this is necessary to maintain credibility in Washington. All hell will break loose otherwise. What do you think?

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