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Trump Announces All Out War on Immigration [VIDEO]

There cannot be any doubt on whether Donald Trump was serious about a war on immigration.  He was expected to sign an Executive Order on building the wall, but he didn’t stop there.  His immigration speech today calls to mind Sherman’s March to the Sea.



Here are the hilights:

1- Build the wall with construction beginning in months.

2- Attack Sanctuary Cities

3- 5,000 New Border Patrolmen

4- Triple immigration enforcement force.

Number one could be interesting because #NeverTrumper Glenn Beck swore Trump would not build the wall if elected.  He said that if he did he would apologize and if Mexico pays he will apologize again.

Sanctuary cities say they don’t care if they lose federal money.  (Bet you five bucks, they sue for the money if it’s withheld)  They are also ignoring one key fact.  Loretta Lynch is gone.  Barack Obama is gone.  President Trump and DOJ head Jeffrey Sessions can bring obstruction charges against the city officials, including the mayors, who impose sanctuary benefits on illegal aliens.

From The Mail Online: 

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