• September 24, 2022

Trump Insider Reveals His Bombshell “Ace In The Hole” Plan To Win Nomination

Longtime columnist Ed Klein, who has made a career out of exposing the secrets of the country’s most celebrated politicians, dropped a bombshell column Tuesday disclosing GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s “ace in the hole” for winning the nomination.

“In the case of the Republican convention, where he may arrive 50 to 100 votes short of the necessary 1,237, his ace will be the 136 unbound delegates,” Klein wrote for Newsmax.

“Trump has already identified each one of these 136 free-to-vote-for-whomever-they-please delegates and has begun to woo them,” he continued.

“And, let’s not forget,” he wrote, “he is the master of the deal.”


Klein based this prediction on more than just Trump’s proclivity for securing awesome deals, however. He based it also on the over three decades of experience he had dealing with the front-runner candidate.

“I’ve known Trump for 35 years, met with him on numerous occasions, talked to him on the phone countless times, traveled with him, and written two lengthy magazine cover stories about him,” Klein explained.

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