• June 21, 2024

Trump Rally In Minnesota Exposes the Ugly Hateful Side of The Left

I want you to take a close look at what happened at the end of the Donald Trump Rally in Minnesota. If you have any doubts any longer who are the bad guys in this election cycle, watch the videos linked to this article. Anarchy has never been the process in an election cycle in the United States, so we can only assume the stakes are higher now than ever before, and there is much to lose by the powers that be, and their minions will gladly fall on a sword for the scraps they have been given. As the scarecrow once said,”if I only had a brain”.

According to Silence is Consent:

Leftist totalitarians are doing what they do best – rioting and destroying, proving once again that Crooked Hillary’s supporters are nothing but mob-mentality, weak minded individuals who love to hate.Watching these Soros-paid protestors, it’s understandable how Hitler came to power.Trump is now a presidential candidate and is afforded 24/7 protection of Secret Service. This should never have been allowed on his route and these people should be arrested for threatening a candidate.We are not a 3rd world country and not allowed by the Secret Service. What happened to the concept of Rule of Law?

There are people no matter what will vote right or left no matter who or what their candidate has said or done. But there is a third element, the independent voter, the non committed voter. Watching these videos of people trampling and burning American flags cannot be winning votes for Hillary. Black Lives Matter and college communists are not endearing themselves to the working man who loves his country. Remember the old saying, ” you reap what you sow”, and I for one hope this is true. What do you think?

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