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Trump Set Traps! States Deploys “Legions” Baiting Biden To Walk Right Into Them

It has been just a few months, not even a few since Trump left office and we all have been left reeling to deal with a destructive Biden administration.

Within just weeks, Biden has rolled back so many policies that Trump enacted to keep America safe and those that benefitted its citizens. It seems that Biden and those that control his every move are in a race to destroy our country as fast as possible, and sadly with no Republican push back since we are in the minority.

However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel as it appears that Trump is and has always been several steps ahead of those who seek to eviscerate the United States.

In a new video that was released, Trump has apparently set traps to ensnare the enemies of this country.

After Biden got into office he began to let illegals flood over the border and now many of the facilities are overflowing with migrants. Also, if you remember Biden paused deportation for 100 days which flies in the face of state rights that are allowed to deport these criminals that entered the country illegally.

This is what many are calling the bait for the trap.

In fact, it isn’t just a couple of traps it is 230 of them and it will be glorious to watch.

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