Trump Tweets Mexico will Repay U.S. for Border Wall

Complaining about Trump’s promise to make Mexico pay for the wall is just a sign of the leftist fake hysteria that’s to come over the next four years. This is a perfect example of the differences between the Left and the Right in this country at the moment. When Donald Trump campaigned that we were going to build a wall on the southern border and Mexico was going to pay for it, the Right took him seriously while the Left took him literally. This difference is how you can measure every issue that comes up throughout Trump’s first term, and probably his second, God willing.


The Left thought Trump was going to march into Mexico City, single handedly raid Los Pinos, enter the Mexican president’s office, reach over his desk and grab him by the lapels, yank him up to be face to face, and through gritting teeth demand the cash, any denomination would do, in duffel bags that Mexico will pay for. He might even get them to stitch an American flag patch on each duffel.

And this is why the Left lost. They miscalculated how serious the American people are about securing our borders, especially when we know terrorists are infiltrating the country through the southern border. Had they taken Trump seriously they would have been able to rationally analyze the situation and come to the conclusion that there are multiple ways to make Mexico pay for the wall.

Via [The Washington Times]

President-elect Donald Trump on Friday defended his plans to build and fund a U.S.-Mexico border wall, saying the “dishonest media” isn’t reporting that Mexico will reimburse U.S. taxpayers for any money spent to construct it.

“The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for sake of speed), will be paid back by Mexico later!” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Multiple reports on Friday said Mr. Trump’s team is exploring ways to construct the wall through existing legislation, which could entail asking Congress to appropriate funds to do so.

Mr. Trump repeatedly pledged during the presidential campaign that he would build a giant wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and get Mexico to pay for it.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said in August after he met with Mr. Trump that he kicked off their meeting by saying Mexico wouldn’t pay for the wall.

Mr. Trump had said the subject of payment didn’t come up in the meeting, and his team said it was an initial get-together and it would have been inappropriate to get into such details.

Mr. Trump outlined a payment plan last April in which one option would entail tightening controls on remittance payments by Mexican workers back to their families and redefining rules on wire transfers to require customers to prove they are legally in the U.S.

Mexico would object and would be told the final rule wouldn’t be imposed if they paid for the wall, according to the plan.

Other possible mechanisms in that plan included trade tariffs, canceling visas, and visa fees.

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