Boy Thinks He’s Opening Christmas Gift, Does Not Expect To Receive Life-Changing Surprise [VIDEO]

We all hope for that one special gift every holiday season, and if we are lucky…we end up getting it. Maybe it’s a new computer or a hot new bike. Or maybe you get surprised with an engagement ring that leaves you in tears of joy. Some are satisfied with a simple new pair of pajamas every year, and others will settle with a new coffee mug. Whatever your pleasure, the holiday season is sure to bring you at least one special gift that you will hold dear to your heart. One young man was moved to tears of joy when he opened a very unexpected gift this Christmas.


Evidently, this young boy had one more gift to open and it turned out to be his best gift ever. Saving the best for last, his parents handed him a rectangular-shaped package, wrapped in red paper. As he started to open it he mentioned that he thought it might be some type of picture, but he soon learns that the gift is far better than a picture…

It’s his adoption papers held together neatly in a beautiful frame.

At first he drops his head and smiles as he is reading the papers, and then he has trouble speaking when his parents ask him if he can read it out loud. It turns out that he is so overcome with emotions that he cannot speak. He shakes his head no and refuses to look up from the gift. When his father realizes that he is crying, he approaches him and the boy gets up and melts into his arms. The two of them hug for quite sometime, surely making the rest of the family cry as they watch the special moment unfold.

So, while this may not be a new video game or a snowboard, it’s evident that this gift far outweighs any material items that he may have asked for.

The adoption process is a long one and can oftentimes be draining and difficult on both the parents and the child, so this piece of paper symbolizes the gift of a lifetime that this boy will cherish forever.

 There are certain moments that stand out in life and certain memories that tattoo your mind forever. We can be certain that this little boy will look back to this very moment and never forget those tears of joy and the feeling of belonging that he surely experienced with his new family. By the looks of the stray wrapping paper surrounding him, we can be sure that he received plenty of other presents on this day, but the one that he cherishes the most is the framed paperwork that symbolizes a major change in his life. He is now part of a family, and part of a family that loves him so much that they took the time to make this moment so special.

So, just remember that it’s not always the materialistic things that bring joy into someone’s life…instead, it’s the moments and the memories.

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