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Tucker Carlson Sounds The Alarm: Vaccine Passports Are Coming!

This was supposed to be over and done, right?

We all heard for months and months that if people were to get the COVID vaccine they could stop wearing a mask and move on with their lives.

However, that is not the case since the vaccine was not about your health at all.

They do not care about your health or whether you live or die, but they do care about how easily you are controlled.

If you want the vaccine I cannot stop you and it is your right to do so but people should have all the information before injecting themselves. People should know all the risks before any medical procedure, but that is not happening at all.

Instead, social media, the Biden administration and even the Republican party is attacking people who do not want to get the vaccine or wear a mask.

Isn’t that freedom? That is what our country was based on and how became great was the freedom to choose what is best for ourselves?

Sorry, I do. not trust big pharma or the government when it comes to my health considering that these manufactures of this miracle vaccine are the same people who created the opioid crisis in our country.

Now, they are being hailed as heroes?

That is lunacy!

This is why I think the Biden administration is going to find out that it has exhausted the well of goodwill. There are people who wear the mask and trumpet their vaccinated status to signal their progressive identity. There is an equally large number of anti-vaxxers and people who refused to wear masks on principle. There is an even bigger group caught in between who believe the virus is real and who isn’t really ideological and who don’t really care about the vaccine issue and got the vaccine because they were assured this was all that they had to do.

Now that the Biden administration is pushing for more and more control I believe we are reaching a tipping point with the people and the government.

The government will push for vaccine passports and the people will push back.

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