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They Turned On The Camera And Adam Schiff Turned On The Waterworks!

I cannot stand Adam Schiff at all.

He is a complete dirtbag and a pathological liar to boot.

This guy will accuse the Republicans of every heinous crime but as ALWAYS turns out it is his own party doing them.

This has happened time and time again as the truth is revealed but often times it is too late and the damage has already been done.

That was shown in the most perfect example yesterday while he was giving testimony during the “bi-partisan” Nancy Pelosi January 6th commission.

This piece of Schiff sat there and faked cried accusing Trump supporters of doing all the things he in fact did to us!

Schiff sat there with his fake emotion and said that we called those who voted for Biden as traitors when in fact that is what he did for the last several years.

It is absolutely disgusting to see this man sit up there with cameras on him faking this emotion while he and his cronies are the ones that created this division in the country.

Not once did they ever rally around the president as we did in the past for our leaders that were elected by the people.

They did everything they could to destroy Trump and his supporters and have the audacity to cry and say that we are the ones that are violent and callous.

I can’t even watch this without laughing and also feeling sick to my stomach knowing how many people buy this crap.

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