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Two Guys Stumbled Across a Terrifyingly Awesome Secret In The Woods [PHOTOS]

One of the best things to do as a child, is to explore the woods with your best pals. There is so much to see and so much adventure to be had. For kids who are lucky enough to be raised with big backyards and wooded areas that flank their property, the adventures are endless. The woods offer trails to hike on, branches to use for fort-building and countless animals to learn about.


When two friends were hiking in the woods of northern Germany, an area that they had explored as children, they decided to dig deeper into some pipes that they were never allowed to explore in the past. The area of the woods was previously known as the German Democratic Republic territory and it contained a variety of periscope-like pipes stemming from the wooded ground. When these two men were boys they had always asked their parents what the pipes were but they were always told to stay away from them. So, obviously as adults, they still held onto that curiosity and they had the independence to do something about it.

Upon further exploration, they found what appeared to be an underground entryway in the midst of the protruding pipes. The cement entryway was blocked off by a thick piece of wood, but they were able to remove it with the help of a crowbar…

Call it brave or call it foolish, but the two men entered the underground tunnel and discovered something that was creepy beyond words. As they made their way inside, they came across endless hallways that snaked underground and branched off into various rooms. While this sounds like a super cool adventure, keep in mind that the insides were rocky and decrepit, and looked like the perfect setting for a horror flick.

The view from inside the entrace.

Along the way the came across several sections of the cement walls that were spray painted with words that have the power to send chills up your spine. “Hello Satan I Love You,” was written in red spray paint and there were other sections of graffiti that had arrows pointing toward the exit, as if it was in their best interest to turn back.

Other haunting words that were scrawled on the wall were, “Help” and “Stay Back.” That alone would be enough to send most people back, but these two were determined to face the entire experience.

There were endless hospital-like hallways.

Adding to the spookiness, were the occasional human belongings, such as a lone shoe stuck in debris and mud and a pair of gloves that looked as if they were left behind in a hurry.

The acoustics inside the bunker made things that much more spooky.

They also noticed mineral growth on the ceilings of the framework, which looked like the outline of a ghostly material.

There were junctions everywhere.  You could turn down one and get lost forever.

Here’s the first dead end.

Here’s another dead end that looked caved in.  Notice the graffiti.

The path kept going and they weren’t about to stop.

They refused to turn back.

These are doors that look like they belong to a bank vault.

They were very heavy and covered in letters.

The further they went the more decayed everything looked.

The bottom levels weren’t holding up very well.

Some of the rooms were flooded with water.

They saw piles of trash.

The “great hall” was one of the biggest rooms they discovered.

In the middle of the room they found a strange-looking machine.

They found a hatch.

Throughout their adventure, they came across an array of different colored walls and floors and even an ancient odd looking machine.

Based on the graffiti, there definitely have been others who have frequented the structure since it was last used as a German bunker.

The friends left the bunker, spooked, once their camera died. They discovered so many strange things deep below the ground and didn’t want to get lost. Would you have the guts to go inside something this creepy, if you found it in the woods?


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