• August 12, 2022

Two Jeep Drivers Teach Careless Parker a Hard Lesson [VIDEO]

We’ve all seen them.  People who take up two spots in a parking lot, either because they are careless and really don’t care or are trying to isolate their car to prevent it from being scratched.  And it always seems to happen when there are no other spots where you can park.  But one day in a Best Buy parking lot believed to be in Oregon and the two spots on either side are open.  Two Jeep drivers saw what the man had done with his red Mercedes and they decided to administer some Rough Jeep justice.

The two drives backed their Jeeps in the two adjoining spots, carefully parking as close as they could without hitting the Mercedes.  The results are hilarious when the man returns to claim his car.  He tries to unlock his car doors but then realizes that will do not good because he can’t open the doors.  Eventually, he unlocks his trunk and crawls up to the driver seat.  I hope he learned his lesson.

 Despite there being a wealth of other spots available in the car park, the drivers decide to teach the Mercedes motorist a lesson by blocking him in.
Ignoring the white lines themselves, they reverse in next to him, making it impossible for him to open his doors.

As the pair of pranksters leave their vehicles, the cameraman remarks ‘let’s go wait for the guy to come back’ and they hide in bushes to wait to see what the car’s owner does.

They spot him walk back over, and realize it’s his car that’s blocked.

He throws his hands up in the air in despair and even tries to kick the wheels of the cars, to little effect.

He tries to get his doors open, but realizes he can’t open up and shimmy in.

The frustrated motorist is left with no choice but to open his car trunk and crawl in through there.

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