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Unhinged Huffington Post Writer Gets Tackled, Detained By Police

Ryan Clayton, a writer for the Huffington Post and a man with a history of violence (He is a liberal after all) crashed a republican gathering.  He jumped on the stage and took control of the mic and began singing.


James O’Keefe was speaking at the time about the mainstream press and I guess Clayton wanted to prove him right.  It was at the “Friends of Abe” Dinner.

From The Gateway Pundit:


TGP contributor Lucian Wintrich, was at the meeting and added this:

“Huffington Post contributor Ryan Clyayton grabbed the microphone and started singing at the conservative Friends of Abe event. The Friends of Abe is anonymous group of conservatives in media and celebrity status who don’t want to be outed as conservative in the liberal bastion of New York City.

Clayton then pulled out a camera threatened the crowd. He said he was going to film them and publish the video. That’s when an audience member restrained him while two others took his video recording device.

James O’Keefe was speaking about the liberal media when Ryan Clayton took the stage.

The police were called and Clayton was detained by the police.



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