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US Bombs ISIS’ Mosul Headquarters..No Survivors [VIDEO]

No more Mr Nice Guy.  President Donald Trump is determined to wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth.  Under his administration, military leaders now have a voice in planning and carrying out raids against terrorists without Valerie Jarrett tossing her two cents into the equation.  Nothing represents the new ground rules better than the attack on ISIS and their headquarters in Mosul.  No one survived.  Allahu Kaboom.


The US-led coalition just released this incredible footage of an air strike conducted by U.S. bombers that targeted and destroyed An ISIS HQ building located in Mosul.

The building hit was the Ashur Hotel on the banks of the River Tigris and was an active ISIS command center.

President Trump has is following up on his campaign promises to eradicate ISIS from the face of the earth and this latest strike is one of much more to come.

The reason were weren’t able to defeat ISIS during the Obama years is the same reason we didn’t win in Viet Nam. Status quo is not a military option. Either you fight to win or you go home. Some military intervention is ill advised such as the invasion of Iraq. But other military actions like Hillary and Barack’s incredibly stupid actions in Libya, which has totally destabilized not only Libya but the neighboring countries as well. Using terrorists to topple a regime is a really bad idea and one that Obama constantly used.

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