UW Employee Fired For Racism is Offered Her Job Back

Kimberly Dearman received an email from administrators at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse dealing with Trump’s temporary travel ban.  Dearman defended the ban and the university promptly fired her claiming that her defense was racism.  She received a letter announcing her firing on March 13th, but then was offered her job back after administrators consulted their lawyers who recommended she be rehired and her record espunged.


Here is the original email Dearman received:

“Like so many of you, the UW leadership team and I are shocked and saddened by President Donald Trump’s order prohibiting refugees and people from certain predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States,” said the administrators in their initial email. “Here at UWL we do not discriminate based on a person’s religion or country of origin, and it is very troubling to see the leader of our country doing exactly that.”

Dearman’s attorney, Lee J. Fehr, says that Dearman is weighing her employment options.  That probably means she and her lawyer are trying to figure out how much they can collect when they sue the university for false dismissal.  Not to mention the libel suit they would bring for Chancellor Joe Gow of UW La Crosse calling her a racist for defending Trump’s plan.

This is just another example of where liberals repeat a lie so many times that they begin to think it’s true.  They didn’t even bother running it by their lawyers until Dearman was already canned.

Chancellor Joe Gow of UW La Crosse said that Dearman had been fired for making “racist comments.”
Fehr had asserted that Dearman was fired for defending Trump’s executive order on immigration, following an email from Gow and other UW La Crosse administrators criticizing Trump’s decision.


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