• October 26, 2021

(VIDEO) Black Activists Demand Police Officer Be Fired …Black Privilege?


Black activists in Dallas, Texas are demanding that a police officer be fired for what they call excessive force.  Two fifteen year old girls got into a knockdown dragout fight.  It appears that a teacher or a principal gets there first but can’t separate the two of them.  A police officer comes to his aid and he pulls the girl in red away, but she still struggles to get at the other girl and the officer took her down to the floor.  She was allegedly knocked out.  The activists are calling her a little girl, but at fifteen, she should know better.
The community is split on the incident.  The activists claim it’s excessive force and other parents claiming she paid for the consequences of her actions.  However, who can blame them.  Cities all across America are paying off claims like this every day.  Some are deserved, but some are not, because it was their bad actions that created the climate that leads to the need to control the situation.

Here is the video and you can make up your own mind: